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AA/AR Series

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AA Series
Metal Absorber : High Frequency/Low Frequency

AR Series
Metal Absorber : NFC, RFID, WPC

This is a sheet-type electromagnetic wave absorber and thermal conductivity designed to absorb electro magnetic waves and heat radiated from electric equipment.


  • Effective frequency range : 0.01GHz to 18GHz
  • Available in fifteen thicknesses to support use in various equipment
  • High thermal conductivity : 0.5~0.728(W/mK)


  • EMI Absorbing Theory

EMI Absorbing Theory

  • Applied Devices
    AA/AR series is applied all kind of electronic equipmet ; prevention of internal
    interference and equipment malfunction
    Applied Devices

4.ABSORBER Specificaitons by Series

Item Unit MODEL
AA-P100 AR-P60

Release Paper

Permeability μ1 100 [at 1MHz] 60 [at 13.56MHz]
μ11 - 2
Frequency - 10KHz~3GHz 13.56MHz
Attenuation dB S11 Reflection Loss, Refer to Chart
Temperature ˚C -25~+105
Thickness x 1 mm 0.03/0.04/0.05/0.1/0.2 0.05/0.1/0.2
Size mm A4 297×210(A4)
Density g/cm2 3.2 3.2
Hardness - Shore A 90 Shore A 90
S. Resistance Min. 1 × 109 Min. 1 × 109
Environmental - Halogen Free, EU RoHS Compliant, Lead Free
Application - High Freq. ~ Low Freq. NFC, RFID, WPC,
Wireless Charger
  • AA-P100
  • AR-P60

5.Theory on EMI Absorbing

  • Change incident EMI to thermal
  • Absorbing of radiation or circuit EMI
  1. EMI attenuation/ Phase Change in Absorber : Reducing of Intensity and Frequency of EMI
  2. EMI Absorbing Theory
    EMI Absorbing Theory
  3. Magnetization Process
    Magnetization process
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